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It’s also commission-free, but why paying hundreds of dollars in monthly fees? Here is why RestApp is the preferred and much more affordable choice for thousands of restaurants.

RestApp vs ChowNow Comparison
Easy to Use
Create your menu and take orders easily
No any hidden fees or commissions
Your Brand
Website, mobile site and apps for your brand
Unlimited Possibilities
Have a complicated menu? No worries!

Why RestApp? Compared to ChowNow

Find out details about the ChowNow fees and reasons to chose RestApp instead of ChowNow.

Compare Costs
Free Trial

You can try RestApp online ordering for free

15 Day Free Trial
Not Available
Monthly Fee

RestApp offers best features with most affordable prices

RestApp offers your own online ordering platform with all features from $29 to $59 per month
ChowNow fees for using their online ordering platform starts from $99 to $149 per month
Setup Fee

RestApp has no any additional fees like setup fee

ChowNow charges you between $199 and $399 setup fee for each location
Cancellation Policy

RestApp has no binding cancellation policies

We don't have any binding cancellation policy. You can use RestApp online ordering system for as long as you want, and cancel anytime. No strings attached.
In order to cancel your ChowNow online ordering subscription, you must wait for a cancellation form and you have to fill out that form which is followed by a consultation call with ChowNow.
Compare Features
Unlimited Orders

RestApp offers unlimited orders with 0% commissions

Unlimited Products

You can create flexible and unlimited products with RestApp

Online Reservation

Customers can make reservations online

RestApp Online Ordering offers free and unlimited online table reservations.
Not Available
24/7 Support

24/7 Customer support for any questions or issues

24/7 WhatsApp & E-Mail Support
Free Website

Your own easy to manage, fully functional website

Not Available
Ordering Platform

Your own online ordering platform with your domain

Mobile Apps

Your own iOS & Android mobile applications

Device Requirement

You can take orders from any smart device with RestApp

Your own PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet is all you need to start taking online orders.
You need to use a special ChowNow device for taking online orders.
Dine-in Ordering

Your guests can scan QR on tables and place orders

Caller-ID Ordering

Create orders for your customers with Caller-ID integration

Not Available
Future Orders

Your customers can place order for future days or times

Scheduled Ordering

Let your customers select between your available time ranges for delivery

Online Payment

Collect online payments from your customers online orders

RestApp offers integration with major payment providers, you can use your own payment gateway
ChowNow will not let you use your own online payment provider
Marketing Tools

Loyalty rewards, special offers for your customers

Loyalty rewards and special offer templates are offered for free with RestApp
ChowNow offers marketing featues with additional cost between $39 - $349
Custom Feedbacks

Hear from your customers for improving your service

Self Ordering

Your customers can place their orders without waiting for a line

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RestApp is by far the best and most affordable ChowNow alternative on the market. Start using RestApp online ordering system for your restaurant to receive online food orders. Discover more or start a free trial to see more on action.

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