Best way to get online orders from your customers. Start in few minutes!

Let your customers order directly from you instead of sending them to another site that lists your restaurant with all other competitor restaurants on same page.

Receive and confirm your orders easily from any device

Receive all your online orders in one place with our order tracking platform. When you receive a new order from your website or mobile apps, you get instant notification to confirm that order.
  • All delivery and take-away orders in one screen with any Phone, Tablet, PC or Mac
  • Approve orders, edit orders or create new orders
  • Let your customers know when order is preparing or on the way
  • Assign orders to drivers, and track drivers on the map
  • 100% Compatible with EPOS and Kitchen Display System

Real-time management over your branches and products

Manage all your branches, menus and products easily from Cloud Back Office. Set different prices or conditions for different locations.
  • Easily create or modify products within seconds
  • Define different prices or products for different locations
  • Enable or disable products for specific hours and days
  • Easily create modifiers and promotions for products
  • Define your working hours and payment methods

Drive more orders by using Loyalty and Promotions features

Increase your revenue by offering special promotions and loyalty rewards for your customers.
  • Offer loyalty rewards and points for your customers
  • Let your customers spend their reward points with their orders
  • Define special discounts or gifts for specific orders
  • Automated promotions for special days like customer birthdays

Simplest and most accurate delivery zone settings

You can easily draw different delivery zones and set minimum order amounts, delivery fees, estimated delivery times for each.
  • Define as many delivery zones as you need
  • Define minimum order amounts for different zones
  • Define delivery fees for specific zones
  • Define estimated delivery times for different zones
  • Create addresses from postcodes easily

Increase your delivery and take-away orders by analyzing your reports

You will have the most advanced and simple reports for growing your operation with more accurate decisions.
  • Which customers are giving the most orders, which ones reduced their orders?
  • Which delivery zones are performing well, which ones needs more advertising?
  • Which products are selling the most?
  • Are your customers happy with your foods, service and drivers?
  • What’s the conversion rate from your advertisements?

Get online payments from your customers without a middleman

Unlike any other competitors, we never charge you for an extra fee. You can use your own payment gateway with your online ordering platforms. Get payments from your customers directly.
  • Drivers do not have to carry a POS machine or change
  • PCI-DSS certified, 100% reliable online payment gateway
  • Customers can order and pay conveniently
  • PayPal, Paymentsense, Evo Payments, Worldpay and many more

Customers will prefer to order directly from you instead of using other platforms

Using online ordering platforms like Just-Eat and Deliveroo? Yes, you are gaining new orders and new customers, but you are also losing a lot of commission fees and your business is listed with many other competitors in same page.

Stop losing money from orders of your own customers. Offer your customers promotions and rewards with your own online ordering platform, so they won't give any more orders from other platforms. Gain new customers from your area with RestApp's great marketing tools.

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RestApp offers the most advanced online ordering systems

RestApp provides all features you need for growing your business. We believe your Online Ordering presences should do more than just make sales. That’s the reason RestApp is designed to help increase your sales.