Have a more efficient and faster kitchen operation

Orders can be monitored and managed instantly through the screens in the kitchen. The kitchen display system (KDS) can prioritize orders based on their preparation time. When the orders are ready, a notification is sent to the waiter's hand terminal.
  • Orders are instantly forwarded to the Kitchen Displays
  • Products can also be listed consolidated to see overall
  • Checks can be colored according to waiting time and status
  • Cooking times can be monitored for specific products

Easy to use and budget friendly kitchen management system

RestApp Kitchen Display System enhances the service and communication of your kitchen staff and improves service quality by providing faster and more accurate orders. Less waiting times and incorrect orders, more happy customers and staff.
  • Display products, ingredients, notes, allergen warnings on the screen
  • Inform kitchen team with customizable audible alerts
  • Get products to preparing or ready status with a single tap
  • Easily undo status changes that made by mistake
  • Merge or split different orders of a table into a single order
  • User friendly and easy to learn, no any trainings necessary

Many cool features for a Kitchen Display System

Increase order accuracy and speed, decrease mistakes and waiting times with many cool features

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