Loyalty Rewards and Special Offers

Flexible reward points and special offers for your customers.

Loyalty Rewards and Special Offers

Drive more orders by using Loyalty and Offers

Increase your revenue by creating special offers and loyalty rewards for your customers. Simple to create, easy to benefit.

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Loyalty Rewards
Offer spendable reward points for orders
Special Discounts
Offer special discounts on defined conditions
Free Products
Offer free products for certain conditions
Coupon Codes
Give custom codes with special offers
In-Store Rewards & Offers

Real-life rewards and offers experience

You can offer same reward points and discounts at your stores or restaurants. Your cashiers can scan customers QR codes, or type their phone numbers to list and apply their offers.

Recognize with QR
Use QR codes instead of old member cards
Easy Opt-in
Get consent from your customers easily
Collect Rewards
Reward products after frequent orders
Discounts at Counter
Apply conditional discounts at counter

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