Online Ordering System with Caller-ID & CRM

Online Caller-ID for both delivery and pickup orders.

Easily Create Orders from Phone Calls

Create orders easily with Caller-ID integration

Create delivery and pickup orders over phone call in seconds. RestApp recognizes your customers, and lists their addresses when they call you.

Discover Online Ordering Features
Easy to Manage
Create and modify your products so easily
No any commissions or hidden fees
Customer Details
Details will be automatically displayed
Unlimited Possibilities
Have a complicated menu? No worries!
Order Notifications
Notify customer when preparing or on the way
Cloud Print
Print order details easily by wireless printer
Edit Orders
You can easily edit orders for any changes
View on Map
You can see all of your orders on the map
Flexible Delivery Zones

Most accurate delivery zone settings

You can easily draw different delivery zones and set minimum order amounts, delivery fees, estimated delivery times for each.

Discover Delivery Zone Management
Multi Zone
Create multiple zones and set different conditions
Minimum Order
Set minimum ordering amount for each zone
Delivery Fee
You can apply delivery fees for long distances
Estimated Times
Set estimated delivery times for each zone

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