Create Flexible Loyalty Programs on Online and EPOS for creating better relationships with your customers

Find out what your customers are buying and how frequently they are ordering, offer them gifts, spendable points from their orders, create automated promotions for birthdays or special days, regain your lost customers with creating special promotions for only them.
  • Get detailed insights about your customers
  • Create customer specific auto promotions for special days
  • Create reward conditions to target specific customers
  • Create virtual gift cards on your mobile apps
  • Let your customers collect and spend reward points

Create Flexible Promotions for all of your customers or only to specific ones on Online and EPOS orders

Simple for you to create, easy for your customers to benefit.
RestApp includes a built-in promotion modules so you can create incentives for new or returning customers. These will appear on your online restaurant menu or EPOS customer facing displays.
  • Offer product promotions, discounts for certain conditions
  • Buy X and get Y for free, buy X and Y, get Z discount
  • Add gifts when certain conditions met while ordering
  • And so many cool promotional features and templates

Features that adds value to your business

RestApp's Loyalty and Promotion features will build stronger relations with your customers

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