Increase your loyal customers by using the best loyalty system

Increase customer loyalty by more accurate analysis of your customers. Segment your customers and create impressive campaigns based on segmentations. Use the right data to provide your customers with opportunities that meet their demands.
  • Get to know your customers better by analyzing more accurately
  • Offer reward points, gifts, or cumulative campaigns to your customers
  • Let your customers spend their reward points with your rules
  • Offer more points and discounts to your loyal customers
  • Gain back your “long time no see” customers

Identify your customers, display them unique offers at the counter

You can easily identify your customers at the counter and let your cashiers to offer special promotions and rewards created uniquely for them, or for their segmentation.
  • Get to know your customer by using QR code or phone numbers
  • Display your customers rewards and let them use their rewards
  • Offer special promotions based on their current order
  • Offer special promotions for their birthdays or other special days
  • Easily obtain GDPR compliant data processing permission from them

Easily create and manage promotions and loyalty programs

Simple for you to create, easy for your customers to benefit. RestApp includes a built-in promotion, loyalty and customer segmentation templates for creating special offers in few minutes.
  • Product promotions and discounts for certain conditions
  • Buy X and get Y for free, buy X and Y, get Z discount
  • Collect X amount of Y and get X amount of Y for free
  • Add gifts when certain conditions met while ordering
  • Many more cool promotional features and templates

Increase your customer return and gain loyal customers

You will build stronger relations with your customers by using RestApp Loyalty and Promotion Systems

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RestApp offers the most enhanced solutions that your operation needs

RestApp provides all features you need for growing your business. We believe your Point of Sale should do more than just make sales. That’s the reason RestApp is designed to help increase your sales.