Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about RestApp

What is RestApp?

RestApp is a commission-free online ordering system for restaurants, markets and all businesses that accepts online orders from their customers. For customers, the RestApp system is similar to ordering platforms like UberEats, GrubHub, JustEat, Deliveroo and others.

Restaurants and other businesses that pay for the affordable monthly fee get the benefits of owning their own ordering system, plus a marketing and support team to set up an app and website, among many other enhanced features.

Where is RestApp located?

RestApp offices are located in New York, USA and London, UK. but RestApp can be used in any country around the world.

What does RestApp do?

RestApp offers online ordering systems for delivery, pickup (also known as take-away or click & collect in different countries), dine-in, drive-thru, curbside and self ordering to restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, bakeries, markets, hotels, beaches, hospitals and many other businesses.

Who can use RestApp?

All sorts of restaurants including fast food and quick service chains, coffee shops, bakeries, markets, groceries, hotels, beaches, hospitals and all kind of businesses that accepts online orders from their customers can use RestApp’s commission-free ordering system.

How does RestApp work?

RestApp operates on a SaaS model where restaurants or other businesses subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. RestApp does not prepare or deliver food or other physical products. Restaurants or other businesses receives orders from their customers on their websites or mobile apps that RestApp creates for them, and they deliver those orders by themselves or with RestApp integrated 3rd party delivery partners.

How long has RestApp been in business?

RestApp is offering services to restaurants since 2012 with over 20 years of experience.

Questions about RestApp Services

Does ResApp charge commissions for online orders?

No, RestApp does not charge any commissions or hidden fees for orders. Restaurants or other businesses subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis with RestApp’s affordable pricing plans.

How much does RestApp cost?

RestApp Online Ordering pricing plans starts from $49 per month to $99 per month. There are no any commissions or hidden fees along the way.

Can I use RestApp Online Ordering in my country?

You can use RestApp in almost any country. If you can’t find your country or language on RestApp, please let us know so we can add support for your country and your language.

Why do I need to have my own Online Ordering system?

With our more than 10 years of experience and observations on online ordering, we can say that customers tend to order directly from you instead of using other platforms if you give them a reason. Offer your customers promotions or rewards with RestApp marketing tools and your own online ordering platform, so they won’t give any more orders from other platforms.

Using online ordering platforms like Just-Eat, GrubHub, Seamless, Deliveroo or any others? Yes, you are gaining new orders and new customers, but you are also losing a lot of commission fees and your business is listed with many other competitors in same page.

If you are reading this, it’s time for you to stop losing money from orders of your own customers.

Can I use RestApp to take orders over phone calls too?

Of course, RestApp is not only for your customers to place orders over your website or apps, you can also create orders for them from your dashboard. You can check out our Caller-ID Online Ordering feature for more information.

What if my restaurant doesn’t have a website?

RestApp also offers front facing website templates for your business with your own domain that you can easily edit from your RestApp dashboard. You can check out Website & Mobile Apps for Restaurants feature for more information.

How can i add online ordering to my current website?

You can create an online ordering system with RestApp for your business, and once its created and online, you can add link of your online ordering system to your current website.

Does RestApp give restaurants customer data?

Your customers are only your customers. RestApp Dashboard stores your customer details with their order history, contact details, feedbacks or comments with analytics and reporting capabilities. You can also export your data anytime you want.

What happens if i don’t see or forget to confirm orders?

RestApp will not allow you to keep your customers waiting. If you are late to confirm orders, or missed your orders, system will call you automatically to remind that you have an awaiting order.

If you still not confirmed those orders, system will cancel them automatically by telling your customers that you are having a rush hour and can’t accept any orders right now. But of course you can manage the calling time or auto cancellation of orders.

How can i print receipts for online orders?

You can easily print details of orders when confirming orders from your dashboard. You can do that manually or automatically. Any receipt printer or A4 printer will be sufficient for printing your online orders.

Can I try the service I need before subscribing?

Yes, you can try RestApp products for free for 14 days without any limitations. You can apply for a trial request and our support team will activate your services in very short time with your own menu and brand. Click here to try RestApp for free.

Are RestApp products being updated regularly?

All RestApp products are being updated almost each day. New developments are made based on your needs and feedbacks or your market requirements. You will have all updates instantly, and for free.

Which payment providers are integrated with RestApp?

RestApp is currently integrated with Stripe, WorldPay, PaymentSense, Evo Payments and

Can I import my current menu items to RestApp?

Of course, you can import all your products into RestApp very easily. We will provide a free support for importing your products and setting up your menu.

What kind of support are you offering?

We are offering free support for setting up your business with RestApp. Building your menu, importing and creating products and making your business ready for online orders. RestApp also offers 24/7 support for any issues you may have.

Can I integrate with my accounting software or any other POS?

You can use RestApp API for integrating your orders with your accounting software or point of sale system.

Will our website and mobile apps have our own brand?

Your online ordering web platform, mobile apps, e-menu will be published with your own brand, logo, customized design and domain.

How can i create QR codes for my restaurant?

You can easily create printable QR codes for your tables from your dashboard after creating areas and tables. Your customers can scan those QR codes to place their orders directly with their smart phones. If you don’t want to receive orders, you can always just display your digital menu with a QR code.

I’m using another POS solution, can integrate it with RestApp services?

Sure, you can use RestApp APIs for integrating our products with 3rd party solutions.